Prince Charming Is Not Coming and It May Be for the Better || written By : Mona Fawaz | Monday, October 28, 2019

Almost two weeks into Lebanon’s intifada, anxiety levels are rising. While hope for the government’s resignation and the instigation of a process of political transformation are high, the absence of a “leader” who guides the crowds seems to be the primary concern. participating in the ongoing demonstrations.

The Nationalist Movements Against Sectarian Politics --||Yasmeen Serhan

Protesters in Iraq and Lebanon are transcending societal divides to oppose political systems that are rooted in division. But can the unity last? Yasmeen Serhan

A New Generation of Activists Circumvents Iraq’s Political Paralysis

Researching the talks on forming a new Iraqi ruling coalition, our Senior Adviser for Iraq Maria Fantappie finds a country whose youth, women, civil society, officials and even politicians are hungry for bottom-up change to a stalemated, top-down system of governance.


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